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9 Ways for Educators to Use Synth with Colleagues

Make time for coaching conversations that deepen the connections in your school or district through asynchronous audio. Here are 9 ways Synth can be the tool to help you connect with intention:


PLN or PLC groups: Coaching doesn’t have to stop once the meeting ends. Continue the discussion after the meeting. Empower teams to have intentional conversations and share reflections based on PLN and PLC topics following meetings.


Goal Setting & Reflection: Goal setting, accountability, and reflection can all be achieved with Synth. Keep track of relevant goals and record anecdotal success towards meeting these goals. This can be achieved by creating a Channel, recording synths, and responding in threads or posting comments. Administrators—this is also a great tool to use with groups of educators in one school or across your district.


PD Follow-up forums: When it comes to professional learning, there are often questions and strategies to share. Utilize Synth to start a conversation in a follow-up forum. Answer questions, share what has worked or has not worked in your class, or share follow-up resources with the group. A dedicated PD Channel will allow educators to find these discussions and resources easily.


Mentoring sessions: Too often informal mentoring sessions can be tough to schedule. Let’s face it, educators are busy! Synth allows you to carry out a mentoring conversation on your time, allowing participants to easily record and listen.


Q&A: Use Synth to ask for advice and seek unfiltered feedback. Many times, educators need to ask questions among their colleagues but time and location might not allow for this. This is the tool to provide that confirmation check. Teachers will seek answers to their pressing questions and look for confirmation and support so they know whether or not they are “doing the right thing.” This channel of communication breaks barriers and creates opportunities to build trust among staff.


Feedback Loops: Giving specific and timely feedback is proven to be effective. By creating a Channel in Synth, you’re able to encourage this effective feedback loop through recording and listening to synths and threads. This loop serves as an ongoing stream for natural coaching conversations to occur. It also encourages active listening skills and dialogue between participants.


Modeling coachable moments: Have a success, failure, moment of humility? Share this in a Channel. Modeling coaching and coachable behavior for others will bring the ‘human’ back to conversations and help educators improve and grow skills in a supportive environment. This will build respect among teachers and administrators.


Teacher Observation Coaching: Before entering another educator’s classroom, establishing a foundational relationship is key for what to expect before, during, and after an observation. Start a Synth Channel to begin the conversation and have a reference place for ideas, feedback, and dialogue. Building this trust will empower educators and encourage reflective conversations based on observations.


New Teacher Welcome: Make foundations for relationships with new teachers in your school or district. Create a New Teacher Channel to welcome colleagues and encourage open communication. This builds connections and in turn, creates a sense of community and belonging among staff.

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