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Replying and Commenting to a Synth

How to use these conversational tools anywhere

Replying and commenting are flexible ways to engage in conversation throughout Synth.


For listeners, synths can be played back in the order they were captured, back-to-back.


Why would I need to directly reply to or comment on a Synth?

  1. Respond to questions posed. 
  2. Use voice to comment back on what you heard. 
  3. Create longer format coaching conversations in a series of replies.
  4. Keep the conversation going through text comments, an ideal response when you are not able to record audio at the moment. 

Simply click on the coral microphone and start recording button from the Synth that you are listening to or Comments below the player screen to initiate your reply. 



Sharing options will be adjusted to match the sharing preference of the parent Synth automatically. 


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