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Coaching Conversations

The primary use case for Teams and Classes

Synth Channels are a tool for coaching conversations on an ongoing basis, like a channel (ex. a slack channel or a discussion board). 


This article covers how Channels work for ongoing coaching conversations.


Once participants join the conversation (see Creating a Channel), it is accessible for them at any time. 


More importantly, new Synths added to a Channel show up as a notification. So you can use the notification center to stay up to date on multiple Channels at a time.


Ongoing conversations are intentional and allow for connection. Participants can post on their time, in response to other participants in threads, or just openly to the Channel (if moderator approves).


For some use cases, a moderator can create structure by adding prompts or questions for participants to respond to in threads. Some examples:

Audio Exit Tickets

Goal Setting and Reflection

Presenting evidence of thinking




Podcasts start moderated by default.


When moderated, you can still share a private link for participants, and listeners (if the synth has been unlocked).

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