Moderation Mode - Update!

With the NEW Synth, all Channels are open to those participants you invite and you have the ability to turn on Channel moderation in your Channel settings.  This opens up a wide possibility to conduct 1:1, small group, or even whole class conversations within a Channel.


Channel Privacy in Settings:

All Channels are unmoderated, meaning that all Synths from Participants are viewable in the Channel to all who are invited to the Channel.

If Moderation is turned on for the Channel in the Channel settings, then the Channel owner can respond privately to each of those participants. Only individual Synths from the Moderator will be visible to all Participants of the Channel.


All new synths are added so that only the Moderator can see them and require moderation to send to all participants.


As a Moderator, you can leave Synths private, or make it viewable-by-all-participants on a case-by-case basis using un-hiding the synth under the 3 dots on the synth card.



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