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Session Users

For ease of first time use and young students

Session-only participation is provided to make onboarding new users easier, and to enable young students to participate when they don't yet have emails.  

1. Follow the same flow for creating a Channel and inviting participants as outlined in Creating a Channel. Please be informed that the Sessions do not expire: once the Channel owner shares the link with a Session User, they will have access to the Channel until the Channel owner manually removes them from a Channel.


2. Please note that Channels are not accessible to Session Users by default. In order to allow Session Users to access this Channel, go to Channel settings and click on the check box next to "Allow Session Users".


If you shared a link to your Channel to a Session User and have not enabled access, Session User will receive a following notification:


If you would like to disable access to your Channel for Session Users, but there is already at least one Session User participating in your Channel, you will receive a following notification:


Once you remove all existing Session Users from your Channel, you will have a possibility to disable access to your Channel for Session Users:


1. Upon being prompted to sign up, participants can select to use Synth on a Session Only basis. 


2. Once they do, they will be asked to add their name to start adding Synths and leave comments.


Session use is available by web-only. No app support is provided. This allows users with ANY device to access a Channel including Android and Windows devices. 

Data from Session Only accounts is treated with the same policies as Student Accounts and follow stringent industry standards. 

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