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Synth for Students

Use Synth with students in your Classroom, School, or District

Synth is made for students of all ages to use.


We identify students at sign-up by asking them to select their role. If a student under the age of 13 registers for Synth, the School of the student acts as consent for student use. All student users can follow a link for a Channel provided by a teacher, administrator, or parent.


Once they are in, they have access to the Synth experience and the Channel they joined. 


Adding students to a Channel is simple. Teachers create a Channel. After creation, share the Channel Link with students via email, LMS or however you communicate with your students. Students click on the weblink, create their account OR sign in, and then they can enter into the Channel. 


Once an account is created, they can log in and participate anytime.


Sign in with Google is provided for your and their convenience.

Swivl, Synths parent company, is a Privacy Pledge signatory, is FERPA and COPPA compliant. You can find the full Privacy Policy here.

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