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Slides Retirement FAQs - August 2021

What is changing?

We are removing the Slides feature from Teams by Swivl. This change affects all users who have Videos with Slides in their Libraries or Feeds. 

When is this change occurring?

August 17, 2021

What happens to my current video with slides projects in my Library?

Current videos with slides will be “frozen” in time. They will be accessible for viewing, commenting, and sharing but you will not be able to ‘produce’ the projects as a single .mp4 file for download. Additionally, you will not be able to edit, add, rearrange, or delete any slides in your existing videos with slides projects.

What options will I have after slides are removed?

You will not be able to create Videos with Slides after the Slides feature is retired (neither on mobile or web environments). You will be able to utilize the alternative, more desirable options of Screencasting, Web Recording, and Screen+Web Recording for recording videos and content at the same time. Additionally, you will be able to utilize Links* in your Project Info which allows you to link supporting documentation to your Projects for your viewers’ context. 

*coming September 2021

How can I download videos with slides in the future or access my slide presentations?

Regardless of the upcoming removal of this feature, it is not currently possible to download a video with slides without “producing” it as a single .mp4 file first. Since we are also removing the “produce” function, when you attempt to download a video, you will only be able to download the .mp4 video file (no slides) from your Library. 

Standalone slide projects (PDF, JPG, PPT, or other file types) that you previously uploaded to your mobile or web Libraries (to sync with your videos) will not be accessible in your Library after slides are removed.

If you need one of your standalone slide projects files, you have the option to retrieve them upon request from our Product Experts Team:

  • In order for one of our Product Experts to find the correct file, you must include either the name of the slide presentation(s), approximate date(s) of upload, or the file format(s) you are seeking to download. 
  • Each request will be fulfilled individually and will be attached to an email that will arrive in your inbox separate from other emails. The email sender is ‘’ Please check spam first if you are expecting an email from us in your inbox and you do not see it immediately. 
  • It could take several hours to process your request due to the size of the file(s) you are requesting to be retrieved.
  • The link contained in your email will expire within 7 days, please download files as soon as possible.
  • Image file types will be sent in the following format/limit:
    • .jpg file with max supported resolution of 1024 X 768
  • Files will be combined into a .zip archive that can be downloaded to your device and unzipped by you. The file names will be numeric, in consecutive order: e.g. - “001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg"

If you still have any questions or need assistance please email and we will get back to you!

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