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Using Teams to Record Google Meet Live Streams in the Integrated Audio Setup

If you are using the Integrated Audio setup for your Swivl Robot to live stream with Google Meet and you want to record the session, you can do it easily on the Teams by Swivl platform.

Google Meet's recording feature may not correctly capture what you want to have displayed in your video (the Swivl video showing you moving about the classroom). Although this is not a Swivl issue, we have found a solution to record your live stream properly using our Teams platform.

To use this strategy, first, make sure that you are registered and signed in to your account on the teacher computer, and that your Google Meet session has been started with the robot and Integrated Audio (see the link above). You will need to pin the Swivl participant in this Google Meet.


1. Leave the Google Meet session open in another browser tab or window. Once logged in to your Teams account on the teacher's PC or laptop, go to your Library.

2. Click on Add New Project in the top right corner.


3. Click on record in the drop-down box.


4. select Screen Recording from the left side in the pop-up window.


5. Make sure to select Swivl Audio Interface (or Swivl Link Audio) as the audio channel.


6. Click Share your screen.


7. Choose the screen/window/application that has your Google Meet session to share.

*Note: if you are planning to present and share content in Google Meet, share the whole screen/window/application and not just a browser tab. This way the Teams recording will also show the content that you have prepared when you share it.


8. Once your window is shared showing the image from your robot or your Google Meet session, click Start Recording.


9. If your recording is finished, press the stop button. You can also pause and restart the recording from this screen.


10. When you are finished, click Upload to upload the recording to your Teams library, where you can edit, add slides, download, and share the video. Make sure that after you click Save, you do not close the window until the project has finished uploading.



11. Add a title to your project, a description, and video tags if desired. Click Save.



macOS Computer - If you see a message that says "Screen access is denied", you will need to adjust your system settings to allow your browser to share the screen.

Here is how to enable the camera, mic, and screen recording using MacOS computers:


Windows PC - If you see a message that says "Camera is not connected", you will need to adjust your browser settings to allow your browser to share the screen. 

There are two ways to enable the camera, mic, and screen recording through the browser using a Windows PC:

  • Clicking the Microphone Icon on the right side of the address bar.


  • Clicking the Security Lock icon on the right side of the address bar.






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