Live Streaming with CX Robot

Marker Muting while Live Streaming


While live streaming, you can mute the Primary and Secondary Markers at once.

Here are some examples of situations where Marker muting would be useful: 

  1. You need to have a private conversation with a student in the class and are unable to physically go back your computer to mute the audio in the meeting.
  2. A classroom management issue has suddenly arisen, and you need to mute the audio.

To Mute All Markers:

  • Firmly double-click the red ‘record’ button on your Primary Marker.
  • All Markers will be muted
  • Markers will flash green while in mute mode.
  • Note: You can only control Marker muting from the Primary Marker. 






To Unmute All Markers:

  1. Firmly double-click the red ‘record’ button on your Primary Marker.
  2. The microphone function will resume and remote students will be able to hear you again.


User Tip: 

  • Make sure there are two distinct but sequential clicks of the button.
  • After a half-second delay, the LED lights start blinking green across all Markers
  • The blinking lights indicate that the Markers are muted. 






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