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Swivl Robots: Inventory Management Tips

So, you bought a bunch of Swivl what?





1. Unbox your Swivl kit and become familiar with the components:

Swivl CX kit  

Swivl C Series kit

2. Label each component of the kit, including every cord and cable you see.

  • Get rid of those little plastic baggies for each cord and cable; they just end up getting in the way (recycle them to keep your board game components organized - that's what we do 👌)

3. Label any additional accessories that you have for the kit like the floor stand, carrying case, or mount-anything grip. 


  • If you plan to check out a mobile device (like an iPad or other tablet) with your kit, you might as well label this too. Make sure the label corresponds to the kit which it belongs to.

4. Create a Check Out Request Form (example here) and a Component Check List to print and keep in each robot kit so the user can keep track of parts, e. g.:

for Swivl CX 

for Swivl C Series

5. Build an Inventory Management System to keep track of inventory, checkouts, and to keep tabs on where robots are physically held - here is a template we have already created.



University of Texas at San Antonio's College of Education and Human Development has graciously provided sample inventory and logistics forms and photos of their inventory setup - access the resources here


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