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Closed Captions

Available for Reflectivity team accounts only

Only available for users with Reflectivity subcription upon request at Please share your feedback and suggestions with us.

Closed captions will not be downloaded together with the video

Please note the cases and types of videos to which the closed captions can or cannot be applied:

Type of Video:  Closed Captions Availability:
a video in English  
a video in a different language  X
a video shorter than 4 hours  ✔
a video longer than 4 hours     X (but you can trim a video to request closed captions)
a merged video   
a multi-camera video     ✔ (closed captions to the teacher's video)
a multi-marker video   (closed captions to the mixed audio track)
an embedded video with closed captions  ✔ (captions remain)

a shared video with closed captions

  (captions remain)

a video with closed captions that was sent as a copy

 ✔ (captions remain)

Closed captions remain if you trim a video, but you can also trim a video and then request closed captions.



! Only the owner of the video can request the closed captions of the video.

1. Open a video in your videos tab, click on three dots, then click on More and select Captions:




2. Click on Request:



3. The processing will start. It will take approximately 20 minutes per 60 minutes of video (or around 1/3 of the time of the total video length).

4. As soon as the closed captions are ready, you will receive an email. Refresh the page with your video and the closed captions will appear. 

If you wish to turn the closed captions off, click on CC -> Captions Off:


If you need any help, contact us at 


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