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Activate 30-day Trial of Teams Pro

Available for: Individual Standard only

 To activate a free 30-day Pro Trial, please follow the steps:

1. Log into your account at :Sign_in_-_Swivl_2021-04-30_22-11-09.jpg


2. Click 'Upgrade to Pro' and click on 'Activate Trial' 



 3. You always know how much time of the Trial is left. 


4. Now all Pro features are available for you, however in your profile you will always see Standard until you upgrade to a paid Pro.



5. If you wish to start building your own Team during the Trial period email to and we will get you up and running!



Please note: Free 30-days Trial can only be used once after the registration. 

After the Trial is activated, there is no option to pause it.

After your Trial expires, you will automatically get switched to a free Standard account.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to a Pro - see details here.


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