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Unboxing C-Series Kit

Components of a Swivl C3 or C5 kit:

  • Swivl C Series Robot
  • Primary Marker, docked in the robot base
  • Lightning to Micro USB cable for iOS devices
  • Micro USB to Micro USB cable for older Android devices and the Type C Adapter for some newer Android and iOS devices
  • 4-Port USB Charger
  • USB to 3.5 mm barrel plug cable for charging Robot (Primary marker charges when docked in the base)
  • USB to "hammerhead" plug cable for charging Secondary markers
  • Small, Medium, and Large Shims
  • Neck lanyard for Primary Marker
  • Wrist lanyards for Secondary Markers (two for C3 or four for C5)
  • Carrying case
  • Marker 2-Pack (one for C3 or two for C5)
  • Sticker pack for Markers 
  • Lanyard Clip

Read our iOS compatibility guidelines

Read our Android compatibility guidelines


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