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Using Rubrics, Categories, Standards, Scores

This article applies to anyone who is part of a Team whose Team Administrator and has already setup Rubrics for commenting. If you are a Team Administrator, learn how to setup Rubrics here

 Available for: Pro, Admin, Owner 

Standard users can apply Rubrics to videos that are shared by a Pro member.

To apply a score on another person's video, see below.

1. Open a video project and under the comments section, click on +Rubrics

2. Choose a desired rubric from the drop-down menu.

3. Choose a standard from the list.

4. Apply a desired score to the standard. You may also add a comment with your score if needed.


Visibilty of Comments

When assigning a score to your comment on someone else's videos, the default visibility will always be set to "Owner". If you would like the comment to be visible to "Everyone", you must remove the score.  (Example Shown Below)



When assigning a scored comment on a video that you own, the default visibility will be set to "Only me". (Example Shown Below)




  1. Scores can be posted without a comment.
  2. Detailed statistics can be downloaded for each video. Statistics include every comment, standard, and score applied to the selected video. Please see our article for directions.


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