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Bookmarking - during and after recording

Available for: Pro, Admin, Owner
iOS and Android

Bookmarking in Teams app while recording

Multi Marker bookmarking while recording

Bookmarking on Teams web platform while playing back


Bookmarking in Teams app while recording

During your recording, mark key moments in real time using any* of the markers!

Just press the Up/Down** arrows on any of your Swivl CX / C Series Markers while you are recording a video to automatically leave a bookmark in your project.

*Multi-Marker Bookmarking requires additional markers (C3 or C5)/**Left/Right for Gen2 users

After uploading your video to your Swivl Teams account, the bookmark will appear as an empty time-stamped comment. You can select the comment to edit and annotate that moment so when you share your video, your viewers will be able to see your comments and offer their feedback.

By marking key moments as they happen, you can spend less time searching for those moments when reviewing the video.




The up/down arrows will yield two types of bookmarks: one that appears filled and one that appears empty. You can take advantage of the differences in appearance and code your bookmarks to indicate different types of moments as they happen. For example, an 'up' bookmark (filled) can be reserved for moments where a student really shined and a 'down' bookmark (unfilled) can be reserved when one wants to seek improvements or feedback from a coach or mentor.

Multi-Marker Bookmarking (requires C3 or C5)

When others bookmark using the Secondary Markers you can also use the coding system to encourage participations students, co-teachers, or in-room helpers. Just have them press the up or down marker at any time to leave you a bookmark that indicates when important moments are happening in the classroom that you may not be aware of. 




To enable the Multi-Marker bookmarking feature, open your Teams app Settings, select Advanced and tap switcher next to Multi-Marker Bookmarking 



Bookmarking on Teams Web Platform

While watching the video on Swivl Teams, you can also bookmark the key moments. Just click the gold star to bookmark a positive moment in your video. Click the lightbulb when you have a question or idea about a moment in the video.


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