What happens to my stuff when I am downgraded to Standard?

Remain Calm: Nothing will happen to your videos!

I am an Individual Pro User or a Pro member of a Swivl Team:

The short answer to this question of what happens to your stuff when you are downgrade is: Nothing. Your videos will still be in your library and you'll be able to edit, trim, and leave time-stamped comments on your videos as always. 

Here are circumstances when you find you have been downgraded to Standard:

  • You have paid for an annual individual Pro subscription and you decided not to renew. Once the subscription ends, you are automatically downgraded to Standard.
  • You are part of a Swivl Team and your Owner or Admin downgraded you from Pro to Standard.
  • You completed our free 30-days Pro trial so you revert back to being a Standard user.

More details about what happens to your stuff when you are downgraded to Standard:

  • Any videos that you have shared with others via Direct Share or Share to Groups will still be available for your recipients to view and make comments in their Feed or in their Groups.
  • Any videos that have been shared with you via Direct Share or Share to Groups will still be available in your feed to view and make comments.
  • Any videos that you have Cloned to other users libraries will still be available to the users to whom you cloned those videos.
  • Exception: Any videos that you have Embedded, will not be available to view in the hosted location where you embedded them.

If you are now a Standard user, you will lose access to those capabilities designated for Pro shown in our feature chart here.  

I am a Team Owner or Administrator:

The details above still apply to you in your user account. The only difference is, since you are an Owner or Admin, you will still have access to VIEW-ONLY access to the Team Owner/Administrator Portal. 

  • You can still view but cannot modify your Team Member listing. Any Team Members currently on your Team remain on your Team until your functionality is restored. This means: you can't remove anyone, change anyone's user label, invite anyone new, lock any accounts, or shadow-login. 
  • You can still view but cannot modify your Team Groups. Any Team Members currently sorted your Team Groups remain in those Groups until your functionality is restored; however as indicated above for individual users, these Group members can't access the Group anymore. This means: you can't remove anyone from a group, invite anyone new to a group, and you can't edit or delete groups. 
  • You can still view but cannot modify your Rubrics, User Labels, or Security Settings. All of these functions will be frozen. You cannot edit or add any new Rubrics or User Labels and you cannot change Security Settings. Until you re-upgrade to Pro, all of these features will remain locked.

*NOTE: Individual users of Teams CANNOT request to be removed from their Team without contacting you for authorization. Team Owners and Admins are solely responsible for authorizing changes to Team Membership. Even though you can't lock or remove any accounts if you're a Standard user, our Support Team can perform both tasks for you. Email us at with your request and the names of the Team Members you wish to lock or remove.



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