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  • Available for: Standard, Pro, Admin, Owner 

    We are usually able to recover deleted content on Swivl Teams within 30 days of its deletion. If you need something recovered, please email or submit a support ticket and provide the following info:

    1. Your Swivl account info (email)
    2. Name/Title of the file/project to recover
    3. Approximate date of its deletion
    4. Length of the video

    We will notify you when it is recovered.

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  • If you are a Team member, you need to contact your Team Admin as Sharing options are customized for each Team individually by its Team Admins. In the screenshot below you can see that Cloning and Embed features are turned off for the Team:


    If you have any further questions, send us an email at 


  • No, Teams Web does not have direct integration with Canvas; however, there are some compatibilities between our two platforms. 

    When you are signed into Teams in your browser and open up Canvas in a nearby tab, you can actually copy and paste Swivl Teams unlisted weblinks onto a Canvas page. The Swivl player will be shown to the Canvas user as long as they are still signed into Swivl in the same browser window. You will even be able to comment on the video and use the Rubrics.

    Other options in terms of recording, and live streaming we have to offer at this point are as follows:

    - Swivl Audio Setup for Live Streaming;

    - Capturing Content with Video: Screencasting and Webcasting (you can download the Teams + Desktop app here: or record a video in your Teams account on web: ).

    Contact if you would like to discuss in detail your workflows and setup steps.


  •  Available for: Standard, Pro, Admin, Owner 

    This article might be helpful if you notice the following issues during the video playback:

    • The video is freezing when you click on the Play/Pause button, switch between markers or jump to another time;
    • You get an error message “The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported”;
    • The video keeps buffering on an attempt to trim it. 

    In this case please try to perform the following steps:

    1. Use a laptop, not a mobile device, and make sure you have a very good Wi-fi connection

    2. Restart your web browser

    3. Connect the computer to another Wi-fi network

    4. If it is a Multi-Marker video please turn off the Auto-audio mode:


    5. If nothing helps, it could be an anti-virus software on your computer blocking the video so turn it off (including built-in Windows defender) and see if this helps.

    6. Multi-Marker project: for all markers playback any browser works fine. If switching between the tracks we recommend Safari, IE, and Edge for the best experience while Chrome and Firefox may need page refreshing and cause pauses.


    All legacy Lists will be removed from Teams as of June 7, 2021. The Share to Lists feature was formally retired in January 2020, rendering all Lists read-only at that time.


    Any projects that you previously shared via Lists are still available in your recipients’ Feeds and are located in the same position in Feed from when they were originally shared. (A user’s Feed is organized by date shared, descending order).


    If you wish to make any of your videos that were previously shared via List (or any Sharing method for that matter) private, go to the Sharing menu tab on the project page and select “Make Private” 



    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Product Experts at

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  • We’re doubling down on our commitment to privacy because we believe student and educator’s content does not belong to social networks, especially those that mine your personal data for ad revenue and profit. Starting from September 27, 2019, Swivl discontinued the Export to YouTube feature.

    You can still download your videos from Swivl and upload them to whatever platform desired; we’re simply making it less convenient to do so in our effort to protect every educator and student while using Swivl.

    Learn more about our decision and how YouTube violated COPPA Law:

    Read the blog


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