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C Series and Android compatibility

For iOS compatibility see C Series and iOS Compatibility  






1. Download the latest version of the Teams by Swivl app for Android from the Google Play store for your device. Check the most recent Swivl versions in our article Product Updates *

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2. Use devices running Android 8 or 9 or 10. In general, we find that most Android devices with Android 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, or 9.x OS when released work correctly, and also half of the devices we have tested with Android 5.x do not work correctly so please check with us first if you have questions. We only recommend using Samsung Tab S5e or Samsung Tab S6.



3. Use the Swivl micro USB to micro USB cable that comes with your Swivl kit - make sure to inform your Account Manager that you plan to use an Android device.


4. For Type C Android devices you will need a special USB Type C adapter with OTG support to ensure full data transmission to/from the robot.

If it is not included in your older Swivl kit, our online store offers a compatible adapter we have already tested:




Android Teams app has a couple of limitations if compared to iOS Teams app as for today:

- there is no option to save your video to the app gallery (video will still be accessible in file explorer)

- Tilt Correction setting is not available for Android so far



Please take note of the Samsung tablet limitation:

We only recommend using Samsung Tab S5e or Samsung Tab S6 for all three live stream audio setups

With any other Samsung and Swivl Solution you can:
- record a video with the Teams app (no live streaming )
Generally, we found that Live Streaming Audio mode works fine on most of the Android devices we tested, but not all: specifically we noticed that mostly Samsungs and Pixel might cause issues, while others work fine.


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