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CX and C Series robots: Changing colors of the Secondary Markers


  • 1. Connect your mobile device to the Swivl Robot. 



    2. The first marker turned on is the assigned Primary marker (typically, this marker is kept in the dock). Its LED will always be white and it always has two green lights next to the Power and the Record buttons. The app will show the Primary Marker as black.

    2Android_with_three_markers_copy.jpg_2021-02-26_23-01-31.png 3_Markers_-_Robot_tab_-_iPAd.jpg


    3. Typically all Markers are already paired to the base in the kit in which they were shipped without any color assigned. When turned on after the Primary Marker, the user will not be asked to set a color - colors are assigned dynamically in the following sequence: 

    1. Red
    2. Blue
    3. Green
    4. Purple
    5. Orange.

    4. The colors of the Secondary Markers can be changed manually in the Teams app - Robot tab. Here you can also set a Secondary Marker as Primary by tapping on the button 'Make Primary' (for iOS only):



    5. After the Markers are on for some time, their colored LED lights turn off automatically to save power. To see the color of the marker, click on its Power button once. To see the colors of all your Secondary Markers, click on the Power button on the Primary Marker.


  • 1. Connect your mobile device to the Swivl Robot. 


    2. Turn on the Robot and the Markers, open the Teams app (Robot Tab).


    3. Scroll down to Marker Setup and tap the Marker for which you wish to change the color.


    4. Set a new color for the marker and tap 'Done.  You can also set the marker as Primary.



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