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Marker Audio FAQs

If you recorded a video with Swivl Robot and have any audio issues, please check out this article. It contains the solution for the most common problems. 

This article covers the following issues:

  • The most common reason for the static noise is the old version of the Teams app.

    Software and firmware versions must be up to date for seamless robot-mobile device interaction.

    If you have any static noise during the video playback, check your Teams app version and Robot firmware version in the first place and make sure both of them are up to date.  You can find this information in Teams app > Settings > About Swivl > App version. 

    You can check our most recent changes and updates in our Product Updates  

    Need help with updating your Teams app or Robot firmware?  See detailed steps here CX and C Series robots: Updating Robot Base, Marker (s) and Link 


  • Swivl Marker contains a microphone that picks up the audio. If the audio quality is poor, please make sure that the Marker is worn properly. Watch the video below to explore our recommendations for the crystal clear audio:

    1. Thread the loop of string at the end of the lanyard through the hole on the corner of the Marker (closest to the 3.5 mm jack).


    2. Once the loop is fully threaded through, pass the neck or wrist strap through the center of the loop.


    3. Pull on the strap to tighten the loop and secure the lanyard to the Marker.


  • When you are recording your video with one or multiple markers (whether on a Swivl CX, C Series, or a Gen 2 robot), always check to make sure that all the Markers are paired to the Base. A fully paired Primary Marker will have two solid green LEDs, and a paired Secondary Marker will have a single solid green LED.


    Check the Home screen. When markers are turned on (and paired), they'll appear lit up in your marker menu on the screen(1). You can tap on the icon to adjust Markers' settings: color, sensitivity, or select the Primary one(2).







  • If you use a marker and the audio is quiet/absent, make sure the Marker you are wearing is paired as Primary.

    For C Series:

    The best way to check this is simply turn off all the Secondary Markers and keep the only Primary on. After that check the Home screen - your Primary Marker will always be displayed first. 

    The Primary Marker has two green LEDs on its side.


    For Swivl CX: 

    The Marker you pair first / turn on first will show up as Primary. It always has two green lights next to the Power and the Record buttons and the LED light on its front is white by default.


  • Make sure your Secondary Markers are only ON when recording a specific person and group of people.

    Secondary markers DONTs:

    • Do not put it into your pocket
    • Do not put it behind the bookshelf
    • Do not put your Secondary Marker too close to other markers
    • Do not use your Secondary Marker more than 3 feet from the speaker or group of speakers


    Secondary Markers DOs:

      • Turn on only when it needs to pick up audio from a particular speaker

    If you expect to have a long lecture or presentation with a Q&A in the second part, it's best to turn the Secondary Markers ON specifically during the Q&A. This will ensure the cleanest overall audio in your video as Secondary Markers will automatically increase sensitivity and pick up all the noise unless nobody speaks into it. 

      • Turn off your Secondary Markers if you are actively using only the Primary Marker

    If you have your Secondary Markers on with no particular speaker, they will be picking up the unwelcome background noise. This is expected behavior so better keep the Secondary Marker ON when actually using them

      • If for any reason you must use Secondary Markers with no active speaker within 3 feet make sure to modify marker sensitivity to the make it maximum 

    We cannot guarantee perfect audio in this case but this should reduce the background noise to the minimum

    • Generally, treat your Secondary Markers as microphones and ensure they are in the best position for picking up audio


  • If the audio is too loud(or too quiet), perhaps marker's microphone sensitivity should be re-adjusted. See detailed steps for iOS and Android with screenshots in the section "Modify Marker Sensitivity" in this article.

  • Multi-marker videos are supposed to be watched on the Teams Web platform on a laptop/PC. If you cannot switch and listen to Secondary Markers, see more information below:

    1. Multi-Marker playback in the mobile Teams app, not on a PC
    2. Multi Marker playback after downloading from Teams Web


    Multi-Marker playback in the mobile Teams app, not on a PC 


    If you have recorded a video with a C Series with multiple markers and then preview it in the Teams app, you will only hear the audio from the Primary Marker. This is because the multi-audio track capability is a feature specific to Swivl’s video player on, and is not supported on your mobile device's video player. Once you upload your video to your Swivl Teams account, you will be able to hear all Marker audio tracks and can select to mute or play specific tracks.



    Multi Marker playback after downloading from Teams Web 


    Downloading from Teams Web
    If you choose to export from Teams web and download your video file that was captured with multiple CX or C Series markers, your video file will contain all tracks of audio merged together.

    Downloading via iTunes
    If you download your video straight from your iOS device to your computer via iTunes, your video file will only contain the Primary Marker audio track. If you want to have all audio tracks on the video file, you will first need to upload to Swivl from the Teams app, and then export your video.


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