What is Swivl?

Contacting Swivl

  • Customer Support Agents are available Monday through Friday from 4 am - 4 pm Pacific Time over the phone at 1-888-837-6209 or via live chat using the Help Widget. The Help Widget can be found at the bottom right-hand corner of this page. (Live chat is not available from mobile devices.)

    Support is also available via email at support@swivl.com.
  • To speak with an Account Manager about purchasing new Swivl Robots, accessories, or software licenses, or to renew your existing software licenses, email sales@swivl.com.

    You can also contact sales regarding our Swivl Robot trade-in program.
  • Visit the Swivl Store to purchase accessories by credit card or to learn more about the Swivl Robot bundles. 


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