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Teams Screencast is a simple desktop app for your computer that records what’s on your screen, like PowerPoint slides, videos, or your lesson activity. At the same time, your Swivl Robot continues to follow you and will record both you and your screen. It will even record the audio from your computer’s speakers. After recording, both videos upload to your Swivl Teams account automatically.

Screencasting works best when you:

  • Show videos as part of your presentation
  • Use on-screen tools and software to aid math or science curriculum
  • Present slides with audio or animations
  • Demonstrate best practices for PD sessions
  • Or anytime you want to produce a high-quality presentation!

Capture the presenter and their laptop/desktop screen at the same time

General setup


General setup

1. First of all download Screen Recording for your Mac or Windows      here


2. Next

- for iOS:

Place the Screencast button on your Home screen for easy access. Find it in your Teams app Settings.

When the Screencast button is present, you can tap it and it will generate a pin code.


- for Android:

tap the Multi-camera icon on the Teams app Home screen and use the pin code for your screencast session:


3. Now open the Teams Screencast app for desktop and enter the pin code you generated on the mobile device. 

4. Choose your preferences for Screen and Audio collection using the desktop client.


5. Now, using the Teams app on your mobile device, start your recording, as usual, using the Primary Marker or by tapping the Record button on the screen. 

6. When the recording has ended, both videos (your Teams video and the screencast of your desktop) will upload to Swivl Teams simultaneously, as per your selected upload settings (we recommend Auto-Upload).

View your video as a side-by-side dual-camera project in your account at

7. From here, you can select the audio track you want to hear (either the Primary Marker or the audio from your desktop) and you can maximize your camera view to focus on one particular video over the other.



  • If you are on a Mac and your security settings block you from opening the app, go to "System Preferences" then "Security & Privacy" to allow the app to launch. 

  • When sharing a screen in Teams Screencast app, it is possible to inadvertently produce a tunnel view, or infinite-window effect:


    There are two ways to avoid such behaviour, such as:

    • Minimize the Teams Screencast app window;
    • Click somewhere outside of the Teams Screencast app window.
  • If for some reason, you did not upload a project captured with the Teams Screencast app, you can resume uploading by clicking the Upload button at the top of the pop-up:





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