What is Swivl

What is Swivl and How Does it Work?


Swivl Solution is an innovative video collaboration system that allows educators to record a variety of videos for professional development, flipped classrooms, and teacher or student observations. The Teams by Swivl platform offers secured sharing, video analysis tools such as time-stamped commenting, bookmarking, and rubrics, and editing capabilities that help educators to build best practice video libraries. 

It's also a great way to connect with remote students during hybrid and distance learning because the Swivl Robot tracks the teacher and captures teacher and student voices during a live streamed session and is compatible with a variety of live streaming applications. Further, the teacher can hear remote students through flexible audio setups that any classroom is equipped to handle.


Quick Robot Setup Video

Teams Solution Components

Getting Started

What Can I Do With the Teams Solution:

Asyncronous Recording

Live Streaming

PDF Guides for Download


Start Robot Setup Here(CX Series) 



If you're not planning to be a direct user of Swivl's system, but are responsible for inventory, logistics, or are the owner of a Swivl Team, please Access our Swivl Logistics Toolkit


Teams Solution Components

The Swivl Solution consists of three major components:


DSC_2114.png Teams_by_Swivl.jpg The_laptop.jpg
  • Swivl Robot = hardware to capture 360° video
  • Swivl Markers = to capture student audio from several places in the classroom
  • Teams by Swivl app= mobile application for iOS and Android devices; required to connect to the Swivl Robot


Create Your Account

Go to cloud.swivl.com/register or sign up on the Teams by Swivl App: iOS or Android mobile devices.


What Can I Do With the Teams Solution?

- Asynchronous Recording

your videos will be safely stored and ready for collaboration on Teams by Swivl

We also offer audio setups for classroom audio amplification should you need to bolster the sound of your voice to reach students who have trouble hearing you wherever they are in your environment.


- Live Streaming

by launching a third-party live streaming app (such as Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams) through Teams by Swivl app once you have successfully established connection with the Swivl Robot.

There are three main setups to choose from: Integrated (connects your PC to your Swivl Robot via USB Cable or Swivl Link), Standalone (connects a set of standard speakers to your Swivl Robot via cable), or Traditional (connect a set of standard earbuds with a microphone to your Primary Marker).

See quick Step by Step Audio Setup Guide for live streaming.

While you can't record and live stream at the same time within the Teams by Swivl App, you can record your live-streamed session through a third-party app and then upload that video to Teams by Swivl. For Zoom users, we also offer a seamless and direct integration with Zoom that automatically transfers Zoom Cloud videos into your Swivl Teams account.


PDF Guides

CX Series Robot Guide as of JAN 2021: Full Guide or Quick Start Guide

C Series Robot Guide of AUG 2019: Full Guide or Quick Start Guide



Where to go from here:

The CX and C Series Robots may look similar to our older Gen2 Robot, but they can each do a whole lot more! 

If you're not sure, check: Which robot do I have? or contact support@swivl.com


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