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Playback on Swivl Teams

Apart from a regular playback on Swivl Teams, there are three meticulous playback options:

Feedback Mode

Multi-marker playback

Smart playback


Feedback Mode

Feedback mode is the easiest way to leave comments while enjoying our new “theater” viewing experience.


This feature is enabled by default for the viewer after he/she opens the project shared by a Pro user - via direct link, or in a Group. Thus any project you open from your Feed shared by a Pro user will open up in the Feedback mode so that the viewer can conveniently leave comments.

Feedback mode is available for you:

-by default;

-only for one-video projects including multi-marker videos;

-for projects that were recorded and shared by other users, not your own;

-if the project owner is a Pro user.



To exit the Feedback mode, click on the 'Feedback mode' button in the bottom right corner of the video:


Note: Feedback mode is currently not available for the Project owner.


Multi-Marker project Playback 

 Available for: Standard, Pro, Admin, Owner 

After you uploaded the multi-marker project on Swivl Teams, you can switch between the markers to listen to each student/group of students. To do so, please:

1. Login to your account on


2. Open Library Tab and find the multi-marker project you wish to listen to. Click on the project to open it.


3. Click on the 'Play' button. While the project is playing back, click on the marker icon and switch between the markers.


Where possible for multi-marker playback we recommend using Safari 9+(native)*, Internet Explorer 8-11* and MS Edge(native) as they show better results in comparison with Chrome 12+* and Firefox 22+*. 

*Note: Multiple audio tracks cannot be accessed in the earlier browsers versions.

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Smart Playback Mode *

 Available for: Pro, Admin, Owner 

Omit the insignificant sections of your videos, such as periods of extended silence. Watch videos in half the time with intelligent playback. For Pro users, we enabled a machine learning algorithm that intelligently and securely analyzes the video in your project to optimize what you see and hear in your classroom. 


– If you are only a Standard user, you can't enable Smart Playback on your own videos but don't fret! If a Pro user shares a video with you that is over 10 minutes long, you will also be able to utilize Smart Playback mode on the shared video. 


If you would like to enable/disable the default option for Smart Playback on videos over 10 minutes long, go to your Account Profile, click Settings tab and scroll down to the notifications section:



Toggle the auto-enable Smart Playback to OFF and you'll be all set. You will still be able to manually select Smart Playback on all videos uploaded over 10 minutes long in the playback bar as shown in our instructional video above. 

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