CX Robot

Classroom Display Setup and Tracking

The following recommendations are for both C-Series and CX robots


1. Line of sight

The Swivl base will follow the movement of the marker using an infrared signal. For best results, the marker must maintain a relatively direct line of sight with the Swivl base with no physical obstacles, e.g. furniture, monitors, students' heads or teacher turning her back on the base. We recommend that you practice moving around a room using the infrared signal. You may notice that the infrared signal may even reflect off of smooth, shiny surfaces or become blocked by a loose sweater or tie. Please note that the connection between the Robot and the Marker might break if the teacher turns their back on the Robot, but the connection will be reestablished when the teacher turns back around. 


2. Marker positioning

We recommend using a lanyard and/or clip and wearing a marker at chest level to ensure excellent audio and tracking results.


3. Base height

Whenever possible, mount your robot on one of our floor stands or your own tripod to ensure the presenter can be captured in full view.


4. Distance

The marker will function at a range of 3-30 feet from the base, but a distance of 5-20 feet is preferred.  


5. Light 

Toggle Auto-Exposure on and off in the Swivl Capture app Settings depending on the lighting of your capture environment. Bright lights from projectors are not recording-friendly unfortunately so if you want to record a presentation, try Recording your screen with Screencast+ App instead of trying to record your smartboard. 


Settings => Advanced => Exposure (only for iOS)

Auto-exposure__1_.png Auto-exposure__2_.png


6. Tilt:

- test different shims to see which shim holds your mobile device tightly and ensure the best tilt. 

- enable Auto-Tilt. It is helpful when you want to pan up and down, but if you find your lighting conditions or environment adversely affects tilt, turn it off in your Settings menu. Try Tilt Correction instead: our experimental face-detection feature can help keep you in the frame, but keep the marker close to your chest, either with a lanyard or lanyard clip. 


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