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Teams by Swivl Account FAQs

  • If you no longer have access to the email associated with your Teams by Swivl account (e.g your email has been deactivated), please, kindly remember that your Teams by Swivl account is still active and you can log in with your credentials. 

    If you signed up with Google, and now want to change your email address, please do the following:

    1. Log into your Swivl account
    2. Change your email address to a new one
  • In case you are a Free user, you do not remember the password and do not have the access to the email, unfortunately, there is no way to get access to the account as per security reasons. To avoid losing access to your videos, please make sure to change the email before it becomes invalid. 


    It is much easier to get access to your videos if you are a Team Member - just ask your Team Admin to assist you with accessing your videos.

  • There is a chance that you are logged into the Teams Web and Teams by Swivl app on your mobile device using different emails. First, check the email address you have used to log in to Teams on the web. You will find the address at the bottom left corner of your Teams account or simply open


    Next, please check the email address you have used to log in to the Teams by Swivl app. From the Teams home screen, click on the profile tab of the navigation bar. 

    Please double-check if you have logged into the same account on the app as the web platform.


    If they don't match, please log in to your Teams Web using the same email as you are logged in in the Teams by Swivl app and check if the video is in your Library at


    If you mistakenly recorded the video logged into a different Teams account, please ask the owner of the video to use the feature ‘Send a Copy’ and the video will appear in your Library.

  • In order to get access to your videos, please do the following:

    - open

    - click on the "Forgot your password?" link


    - enter the unique email address created by Apple (it is displayed in your Profile in the Teams app)


    - reset the password (you will receive the link on the email that is associated with your Apple ID)

    Please note, if you do not receive emails from Swivl on your email, make sure you enable email forwarding to your Apple ID email address. On your iPad, iPhone, iPod:

    1. Open Settings, then tap [your name]

    2. Tap Password & Security

    3. Tap Apps Using your Apple ID

    4. Tap Teams by Swivl => Manage settings

    5. Tap Teams by Swivl again. Enable Forward to feature. 

    To read more about Apple ID please see the next toggle. 
  • There is a possibility to sign up with Apple ID to Teams app on iOS devices.

    When you sign in for the first time, you have the option to share your email address or hide it. For more information see: How to use Sign in with Apple


    If you choose to hide your email address, a unique, random email address is created, so your personal email address isn't shared with the Teams app.


    Any messages sent to this address by Swivl are automatically forwarded to your personal email address by our private email relay service. You can read and respond directly to these emails and still keep your personal address private.  For more information see:  Hide My Email for Sign in with Apple

  • If you mistakenly made a typo while signing up in Teams by Swivl app (for example, instead of you signed up as,  then please do the following:

    1. Log in to your account with the incorrect email (in our example it is using the password you created

    2. In your Profile settings, change the email to the correct address (


    3. Make sure to use the correct email to log in to your account in Teams by Swivl app on your mobile device.  (click on sign out and use the correct email to sign in)


  • You can access your account information to change you user information, email, or password. To do this:

    1. Log in to

    2. In the top right corner, click on your name and select 'Profile'

    3. In your '
    Profile', change your name, email address, or password:


    1. Go to the email box of the new email address and click on the link to confirm the change of the email

    2. In your Teams app open the Profile tab to check the email you used to log in: 



  • If you forgot the password to your Swivl Teams account, you can reset it:

    1. In a browser, go to

    2. Under the login box click the link that says “Forgot password?”


    3. Input the email address you used when you set up your account, and click “Reset Password”:


    4. You will receive an email containing a link that you can click to enter a new password:


    You can only request a password reset once every 15 minutes. If you do not initially see the email in your inbox, you may need to check your Promotions or Spam folder, or check to see if Swivl is being blocked by your school or district email provider.

    If you are unable to get the email, and have checked your Junk, Spam, or Promotions folders, let us know at and we will send you a link to change your password.
  • In order to complete the signup process for Swivl or to reset your Swivl password, you do need to verify your email account. This is done by clicking the link in an email you should receive shortly after signing up.

    If you are not receiving the email to activate your account or change your password, first check your Spam or Junk folder in your email client for the message.

    If the email is not in one of those folders, your school or district email server may be filtering out Swivl’s emails. In order to receive them and activate your account, you will need to provide the following email addresses to your IT/Network Department to be whitelisted.

    Email addresses to whitelist:
  • 1. Sign into your Swivl account at

    2. Open Profile at the bottom left corner

    3. Select Settings tab

    4. Enable access

  • There is no way to combine separate Teams by Swivl accounts.

    However, if you would like to move video content from one of your accounts to another one, you can use one of the following options:

    - Send a copy feature (available for a Team member-only) - This option sends a copy of your video to a different Teams by Swivl account. (Comments on the video project will not copy over.)

    - Download from account A and upload to account B - you can download your videos to your computer, log out and log in to the second account. Next, go to your Video, Add video, and Upload.


Just a kind reminder! Before each recording session, please make sure you are logged in using the correct Swivl account. If you still experience the issue, please contact

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