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CX and C Series Robots: Charging the Robot and the Marker

The Swivl C Series and CX bases and markers have a battery life of 4-6 hours under normal use cases, but it could depend on various factors.

You can check your Swivl base and marker charging status by taking a look at the charging indicators at the back:

  • solid green light: fully charged
  • blinking green: more than 40%
  • blinking red: less than 40%

1. Check your Swivl base and marker battery status after connecting your Swivl Robot to a compatible mobile device




Two red flashing lights next to the power button and plus button indicate that the base has critically low battery. Plug in unit to charge.


You will also see a notification:


2. Charge the Swivl base

     A. Plug the wall charger into an outlet;


     B. Plug the USB side of the base charger into one of the USB outlets on the wall charger;


     C. Plug the other end of the base charger into the small circular outlet near the bottom of the base:


     D. leave it charging for 6 hours or overnight



3. Charge the Swivl marker. There are two ways to charge the marker:

Option A. Place the marker in the back dock of the Swivl base.



Option B. Plug the marker charging cable into the wall charger and into the 3.5mm jack on the side of the marker.



Charging Setup: 

The Swivl C5 Kit includes everything you need to charge the Swivl base, Primary Marker, and all 4 Secondary Markers. You can use the USB charging block (pictured below) to charge your base (base charging cable), and markers (two marker charging cables are provided with C5). 



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