What is Swivl?

What is Swivl?


Most people think of Swivl as the Robot Company. We think of ourselves as a Reflective Tools Company.

Over the last 12 years, we have studied the transformational power of reflection in education. During this time we’ve seen common ways that teachers’ energy gets diminished, and discovered what key elements are needed in a solution to help increase and build energy in teachers.

Reflectivity, the rename and expansion of Teams by Swivl, is a culmination of all of our learnings. It’s a tool that builds energy and connection among teachers, empowers teachers to take ownership of their growth, and helps track individual and organizational progression.


Reflectivity consists of three parts:


Reflectivity web platform (cloud.swivl.com)


Reflect individually or with others, and add video evidence when needed




Reflectivity mobile app



Access the Reflectivity dashboards and reflect individually

Available on iOS and Android

Capture apps + Swivl Robot


Record with or without the Robot. Robot rotates to track the teacher and capture high quality video and audio

Versions available for both iOS and Android


Reflectivity (Teams) is a FERPA and COPPA compliant. It allows educators create written reflections with or without video evidence for collaboration aimed at professional development, instruction, and teacher or student observations. Reflectivity offers a range of feedback and collaboration tools such as interactive dynamic dashboards, sharing, commenting, including video time-stamped bookmarking and commenting with built-in rubric support.

For Instructional Coaches and Administrators, Reflectivity (Teams) is an essential solution that helps overcome the barriers of space and time by allowing coaching to happen either asynchronously with recording or live with streaming.


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