What is Swivl?

What is Swivl?

Our mission is to make relationships the foundation of education. Our dynamic video and audio tools enable more conversations to happen between teachers, students, instructional coaches, and administrators.

Teams by Swivl and Robot is composed of three core components: Swivl Robot, the Teams by Swivl mobile app, and the Teams by Swivl website.

Swivl Robot rotates to track the teacher while the included Markers capture high quality classroom audio.

The Teams by Swivl app for mobile devices lets you record and upload video to the Teams platform, with or without connecting it to a Swivl Robot. When connected to a robot, you can also live stream using popular live streaming apps.

Versions available for both iOS and Android

Teams by Swivl is a cloud-based video hosting and creation platform that makes sharing and collaborating easy.

Access or create your account at cloud.swivl.com.

Teams by Swivl is a FERPA and COPPA compliant video collaboration system that allows educators to record, host, and share videos for professional development, instruction, and teacher or student observations. Teams also offers analysis tools such as time-stamped bookmarking and commenting with built-in rubric support.

For Instructional Coaches and Administrators, Teams by Swivl is an essential solution that helps overcome the barriers of space and time by allowing coaching to happen either asynchronously with recording or live with streaming.


Swivl is also an effective way to connect with remote students and increase engagement. The Swivl Robot tracks the teacher's movement and captures teacher and student voices, ensuring that no one is left out of the conversation.

Multiple audio setup options offer flexibility for how Swivl integrates with existing classroom technology, and our Teams+ apps allow you to capture video from multiple sources for a project. 

Download the Teams by Swivl apps here, or learn about mobile device compatibility with the Swivl Robot here

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