Swivl Capture app and mobile device related FAQs

Should I Give Permission to Access Bluetooth on Android Device?

To ensure absolute compliance with Google Play policy, we must obtain the consent of our users in order to have access to their devices' Bluetooth during the use of the Swivl Capture app. This consent is only required if you are using an older Gen 2 model (serial number SW27BA - please see more in this article) and an Android mobile device (specifically, Android 12 or higher).

Here are the pop-ups that will be shown to you once Swivl Capture app is launched on your Android mobile device:

Once you have read the contents of the first pop-up, press 'OK':


Then, press 'Allow' if you are using an Android device with Gen 2 Robot:


Swivl robots (any model) do not support the use of any third-party Bluetooth accessories: headphones, speakers, microphones, etc. (see Recommendations for Add-on Accessories and Hardware).

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